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This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

Drip is nothing without the people who make it look good. I am talking about people who make you want to have that kick, jacket or even that underwear. I am talking about none other than our super hot models like Abel Kipaso. Let’s dive in it and explore his life behind the lenses.

Abel Kipaso is a young black man who does not believe in the word “Failure” and he was born and bred in the African Country of Tanzania and has since flexed his flawless “Africanacity” worldwide.

Abel further described himself as someone who has a chilled personality, who likes indoor spaces and who most of the time brings good and positive energies to the people around him.

“Was modeling always something you wanted to venture into?” Is a common question asked from models. Surprisingly, Abel never really thought about venturing into modeling and instead he was, he was caught up playing basketball in Tanzania and he loved it. He says that his interest in modeling built up as more modeling careers began to spring up and he shot his shot. Shooting his shot turned out to be a blessing as he was nominated for Mister Tanzania in the year 2013. Ever since that, he took a huge leap into modeling as a career.

He most definitely makes drip look really good, and this might even result in a lot of people thinking that he is mostly a clothing model. Well, that’s not the case. Abel says that he has since fell in love with fitness modeling rather than high fashion modeling and that he is mostly inspired by the likes of Tyson Beckford and David Gandy.

His love for fitness modeling was inspired by his uncle who was a body builder. He says that seeing his uncle’s ripped body made him want to have a muscular body, not as huge as his uncle’s though. His uncle evidently played a major impact in him looking so good in front of the camera.

When asked if he had dreams beyond modeling, he replied by saying that he is really excited now that he has began working on his own projects which he says will remain classified information until he feels ready to announce or showcase it. He says this project is nothing big and nothing small either and he further explained that this project has since been his dream ever since he stepped into the modeling industry. Well, we wish him the best of luck in executing his project!

One of the perks of being in the modeling industry is being able to travel around the world and Abel has been fortunate enough to travel and explore the world, meeting new people and getting inspiration from different cultures and lifestyles. When asked about places that have had an impact in building up his brand he says that Cape Town has definitely taught him a lot and has changed his perspective on modeling. He further expressed that places like Stockholm and Paris have switched up his styles in fashion. Places do inspire.

Abel says that he knows that he is capable of being a lot more than just an international model. He says that he sees himself as being a CEO and the founder of his own modelling agency that will help other young upcoming models reach levels he could not reach when he began. He also said that he would like to see himself working from home, relaxing with his beautiful family and playing Call of Duty in his bedroom.

Abel says one of his wildest dreams is walking the runaway at the Paris Fashion Week wearing simple garments with detailed styling from Louis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh. With the rate his going, we have no doubt that he will see himself at one of the largest fashion and fitness celebrations and showcases in the world. Secure the bag brother!

To conclude, Abel has a message for any young girl or boy who looks up to him as his or her role model. He said that, “Think with your heart and not your head. And, if you love something, you must go for it because time waits for no man. Push it through and know what you want”. Trust the process and believe in the progress young ones.

FUN FACT: Abel Kipaso is an award winner of the East African rising model of the year once upon a time.

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