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DJ Malibu – On the “1s” & “2s”

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

Proving to be more than just a DJ, Malibu has proven to be an influencer and has worked with brands on various campaigns such as Sol Beer, Toyota & Film Finity. Amongst other achievements he has opened up sets for the likes of DJ Sliqe, Black Coffee, Speedsta, ShuggaSmakx and many more talented Artists.

DJ Malibu’s versatile house sets have proven that he can adapt to any situation & crowd and this versatility has allowed him to grace venues in East london, Qwa-Qwa aswell as multiple venues in Mozambique.

As soon as you hear “ Mali Mali with the Sauce” a tag line that party-goers have given him, you must know it is about to be a good time. “Mali Mali” is short for “Malibu” and the “Sauce” is about the quality of music he plays.

Malibu Well known for being able to play lengthy sets or even short quick mixing sets has proven that with his outstanding radio career which started in 2016. Being able to play both live or pre-recorded, you are guaranteed to dance when you hear his sets on radio.

Stations that he has graced or been a resident are as follows:

• Touch Central (DJ Sliqe) Resident
– No Hold Bars

• Touch-HD (DJ Capital) Resident
– The Digital Dancefloor

• Touch-HD (Wavy Mix Show)

• Boston Media House (Ona Peteke)
– Breakfast Show
– Afternoon Show

• Power FM (AB Broadcaster)

• Tshwane FM (Simtronic)
– Thats So Simtronic

• UJ FM (Melody Miya)
– Drive Time

• UJ FM (Kamo Mogale) Resident
– Afternoon Show
– Drive Time

• MXR Radio (Marlon)
– The Come Up

• Motsweding FM (LTK)
– Gotetsa Mosha

• Drums Radio (United Kingdom) Resident
– Odyssey Show

• Phoenix FM (Zambia) (Matthew & Onani)
– Drive Time

• 5FM (Ryan the DJ)
– The After Party

• Lesedi FM (DJ Lovers)
– Dia Roropa

• Metro FM (Sphectacula & Naves)
– Kings Suite

• You FM (Kamo Mogale)
– Breakfast show

DJ Malibu had used his influence & previous residency to work behind the scenes at UJ FM and provide platforms on two shows for upcoming Artists/DJs/Producers as well as international artists that are not always heard on radio. He has proven to be selfless & a pioneer to push the real culture going forward and opening doors for a variety of talented individuals.

He currently has started producing his own merchandise. On the music production front he is working with a couple of talented individuals and will be releasing music through out the year.

Currently a mix DJ on Motsweding FM & Drums Radio.

DOB: 1992 / 07 / 07



Q&A with DJ Malibu:

1. Who is @djmalibusa?

I’m a versatile House DJ that is capable of playing lengthy sets and being able to switch through the sub-genres of house music effortlessly. I am also a producer that has an ear for good music and I am generally into dark soulful sounds. I’m a radio mix DJ that has taken over the airwaves both locally and internationally in the past two years. A DJ that is always willing to help fellow artists achieve their dreams and goals.

2. What would you say drives your passion for music and why a career in the music industry?

The possibilities are endless with music. Having an ear and being open minded allows you to see things from a whole new perspective. Once you start to understand different cultures and the sounds that accompany it.

You start to see the beauty of music and appreciate its art whether its jazz or rock to bozza nova or old school house. Theres a story to every sound we hear and this drives the passion to create and enjoy music.

Firstly it is a passion and that has made it an enjoyable career for me so far.

3. Has there been a DJ that you have looked up to? Someone that made you fall in love with mixing?

Many years ago I went to Roxy’s in Melville and watched DJ Shimza for two hours after he just won a DJ-ing competition, that set made me decide that I want to take up DJ-ing as a career. In terms of mixing I’m a big fan of Shimza’s creativity on the decks and then DJ Christos’ mixing capabilities.

4. Your take on the industry and the challenges you have faced?

The industry is a beautiful place as any other industry but its only beautiful for those that put in the work. With that said, know what works for you and adapt to the market because it is forever changing. You need to be on your feet and ahead of the trends to maintain a career.

5. Growing up was music always something you wanted to venture into?

Yes! On and off from a young age I went to piano and drum lessons at school. I was also involved in my church choir. Only after high school I started taking it seriously.

6. Your greatest moment in the industry?

Let’s see what the future brings, you can ask me this question again in two years time.

7. Being an upcoming artist who would you like to work with and where would you like your music to take you?

I would love to travel the world and experience different vibes & cultures and share my taste of music with them while getting paid.

A variety of producers and artists, let’s see what the future holds.

8. What inspired the name and what would you say makes you stand out from all the other mixers ?

Malibu comes from my surname Malebo. So it’s a nickname given to me from high school that has stuck.

The phrase “Mali Mali with the Sauce” comes from my sets and mixes. I am not afraid to experiment but I can also set the tone or mood of an environment leaving you on a high.

From Control Magazine:

We are a movement here to control the narrative world of raw talent. Redefining the rules that have been set in journalism .

We invite you to follow the journey of the artist and get a glimpse of the person behind the art, it’s imperfections and the beauty of the creation. Not only are we changing how story telling is done but we are redefining how people perceive artists.

The diversity in this world shouldn’t be contained. Miscellany should be celebrated, each colour, instrument and movement makes us who we are.

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored. We welcome you to join our community.

Photographer – @different.perspective

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