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Bow Down To The King – @King Lutendo

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

Music has been perceived to be a sound which is pleasingly harmonious to the soul and mind. Music has been the escape for almost everybody when they came across emotional problems, or better yet, when they were in a really joyful and celebratory mood. Having said that, music can also be seen as a non-medical cure for ailing hearts and souls and so therefore, as an artist, you have the responsibility and honor to grace people with your healing sounds.

In this day and age, like back then, music still plays a major role in our lives and we depend on people like Lutendo Muthala, better known by his stage name, King Lutendo to cook up and dish up divine and original sounds of healing and joy. King Lutendo is a 27 year old multi faceted artist who was born and raised in the ever so vibrant and cultural soils of Venda, in the Limpopo province. Lutendo describes himself as an artist that approaches music in a very abstract and cinematic outlook in which he also takes inspiration from nature, human behavior and how the two link, with occasional narratives of ethnicity and roots to brew his sounds.

The young rapper further described himself to be someone who is always on his feet and ready to discover new sounds while still riding on his own wave and being as informative as he can be. Lutendo comes across as an artist who is very talented and able to marry cultures, life situations and human behavior well together to create chart topping music which appeals to many groups of people.

King Lutendo started composing music nine years ago but officially began taking the world by storm sometime last year. In that same year, 2019, King Lutendo released his self produced album named “MAVU” in April and a month before it’s release, he was named as Apple Music’s favorite artist for the month of March. Now that is something to strive for as a young and upcoming musician. Less than a month after the release of “MAVU”, one of it’s singles named “BLACK SOUL” broke grounds when it was played on Ebro’s beats radio show in New York and also when it was incorporated as a one of the top one hundred South African songs on Apple Music for the year 2019. Another milestone for him in the year 2019 was when his album “MAVU” reached over 100 000 streams without any major marketing of the album. This goes to show that hard work and good work speaks for itself. Kudos on your remarkable work king!

After his amazing projects last year, King Lutendo has since been nominated for Freshman for 2019. He was with no doubt deserving to be a nominee for such an award as 2019 was definitely a fruitful and prosperous year for the young artist as he also released a second album later on that year and also got the chance of performing at the Mela House Festival in Norway alongside the South African renowned rapper, K.O and other global big shots. Talk about chasing your dreams and working hard at it! We are here for all of it.

When asked about where he sees himself and his brand in the next coming five years or so, the young artist says he plans on showcasing his other media related talents by hopefully scoring for his own short story movies, making soundtracks for other people’s movies, hosting and taking part in more art exhibitions which incorporate his music too and he further added that he would like to change people’s views on music altogether by continuously breaking grounds with every sound he experiments with as he does not like conforming his sounds in a box.

King Lutendo is definitely one person that you should look out for in the music and broader arts industry as he is blazing on fire with his authentic creations and cunning attitude towards achieving his goals. Bowing down to King Lutendo is the only option that will save your ears from lame music. Yes I said it. King Lutendo, we are ready for you young blood.

FUN FACT: king Lutendo is an illustrator, animator, producer, songwriter and designer.

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