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“I Fell In Love With The Mpahlas (Clothes)” – @Adekunle

Laid back OG.

“iCombo iXox’ iNdaba” is a powerful phrase used by the great Okmalumkoolkat as he expressed how ones clothing should speak for them before they even try and introduce themselves to the masses. It is always said that in order to feel good and do good one needs to look good. These are all the fundamentals of being a style icon, and with no doubt, our interviewee has lived by them and has flourished in being a Drip God.

Adekunle Ojo describes himself as being a humble man who is a father, son, brother and a people first kind of person. He was born in the Akure Ondo state and was raised in Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria. Adekunle has always had a sense of style growing up as he comes from a generational inheritance of style icons.

“I think I got the love of looking good from my maternal grandfather as he was a designer. Then of course my mother. Being a wife to a King she always had to attend functions and thus always dressed up, even when she was around the house”.

The apple sure did not fall far from the tree as a consequence of him being an iconic drip god in our era.

Behind the lenses and social media hype, Adekunle is involved in the soccer agency industry for a living. You can call this his nine to five. He also supports himself through his invitations to represent and influence a few brands and also to endorse a few social gatherings and events. Amongst the brands he has collaborated with, there are a few luxury brands, vehicle brands, beverage brands and clothing brands which he has partnered with in which he also tends to partner up with brands which are not mainstream where he tries to help them become bigger and recognized by the public as he has a healthy fan base. Kudos to him for that.

Apart from being such an influential being, Adekunle says amongst his most rewarding moments and achievements in his life has to be the transition of him from just being a simple and humble boy from Nigeria to becoming a citizen of the world. He also prides himself in the fact that he had to grow up sooner than expected at the age of 19 when he took over the reigns from his Father after his passing, and becoming the head of the family in which he had to take care of his mother, grandmother and his siblings who are now thriving. He also expressed that being a great father to his children goes down as something right he has done and believes that he has made his father proud. Family is solid and we are happy that he has been able to be the pillar of strength for his family.

In the creative world, crafts from artists are primarily influenced by places and people which the artist idolize and look up to. In his case, as he has travelled the world a bit, he says that the three places which have influenced his personal brand are Vietnam, the Middle East and of course our beautiful and diverse continent, Africa. He says that the different cultures and experiences shape the type of influence these places can have on ones craft. When coming to people who have inspired him, he has expressed that he has multiple inspirations in the multifaceted categories of style. “Dan the Dapper for formal wear, Kanye West for streetwear and Future for Sneakers. “I am a huge sneaker head”, he said. He further added that his style changes almost like a chameleon as he has no boundaries. Why do one when you can do all? We’re here for all of it!

When asked which is his favorite fashion event worldwide, he said that the South African Fashion Week had to be it.

“It is great to see the talent that is blossoming annually”.

We are happy to see a person of his caliber glorifying local fashion events. Just as we do in some of our articles, we asked Adekunle about which look and by which designer would he go for if he had the opportunity to attend the Met Gala. He said that, “I would go for a formal suit, slim fit three quarter pants look. Classic and elegant, you can never go wrong. I love Christian Dior fits”. We trust you to pull it off.

Adekunle, unlike some social media sensations, has chosen to be clever with his ways of securing the bag and making a name for himself in a broader sense by establishing brands for himself. He says that in the next 5 years, he would love to see Royalsignatures and Saigonworldwide hopefully having a global following and market base. He further said that he would love to dedicate more of his time to insuring and seeing these two brands take off and take the world by storm. Adekunle further explained that in coming years, he might be needed to take up a leadership position back home as his family is of a royal bloodline. A king, a stylish king he would be.

Adekunle has showed his humanitarian side when he said that in the next decade he hopes to have achieved his goal of setting up a foundation that mentors young people, particularly young men all over Africa to help keep them off the streets and instilling the principle of being a focused young individual. He says that he would like to teach them in old fashion manners to groom them into becoming solid men when they grow older.

“I feel that as men we have lost our way and identity. We need to bring back that fatherhood role back into society”.

Seeing young black men coming forward with the aim of bettering one another must be the most beautiful thing right now. Thank you young King.

To young girls or boys who look up to Adekunle as a role model, he says that you should hug your dream tight, and, if it keeps coming back to you , do not ignore it because that is your calling. Be you, embrace what and who you are because nobody else can be a better you than you.

“Cotton eaters never die, they multiply” – Riky Rick

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