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CNOW – “Warmed Up” (An Introduction)

The Rehab Joint 08 A rehab joint is a double entendre. It is a joint (place) for rehabilitation, and it is also a joint (substance) that defeats the purpose of any rehabilitation; in short the Rehab Joint 08 exists on both poles of the spectrum of enjoyment and suffering. He’s a wordsmith with a calling to give you some f the best stories you’ll ever read. It’s not just the words that he uses, but the art of how he masters his craft. He’s a big fan of all art, just give him a good story.

“He knows where he wants to go.”


For a project named ‘Warmed Up’ this album/EP feels much like a summer joint. It’s very vibey, cutting edge and creative.

CNOW Warmed Up
CNOW – “Warmed Up”

This isn’t your typical club banger, but the music you see yourself swaying to at an afternoon festival. It’s instrumental, guitar strumming canvassing the majority of what is somewhat a vacation from the trap norm.
CNOW is a niche rapper; he knows the type of music he’s comfortable with and he goes out to realize this music. His bars flow easily and his music doesn’t overstay.

The beats may occasionally overpower him and his voice can get harder than required, but these are forgivable traits for a newcomer. These drawbacks don’t cloud the enjoyment of his music, it’s a critique which we believe CNOW will thrive in as he gets more comfortable with his music.

He knows where he wants to go, and we guarantee that he is worth following as he finds his way.

Check him and music out and let us know what you think.
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Introducing CNOW

I am a Midrand based artist who branches out into many different genres of music. I am inspired by stories and rhythm, both of which are elements of good music.

I would say I make alternative music, because I always keep people on their toes. I wouldn’t say I’m miles ahead from the competition, but I do have something that they do not posses, a distinct sound. Something that I can call my own.

I’ve also had a recent name change from Black Snow to Cnow!


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