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Max Sherpard – “Expanding An Idea”

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

My name is Will, better known as Maxsherpard, the founder of BEING BLACK IS LIT WORLDWIDE and Max_Customz.

Maxsherpard was born in Durban in the year 1995 on the 28th of February. He then moved to the North West (Ledig) where he attended his primary years of school until high school. At the beginning of high school he then had to move to Durban due to the passing of his father. He then attended school in Westham high school located in Phoenix. As a young creative boy, Max was always involved in multiple youth activities and organizations. During high school, Max joined a dance crew called “Warrior knights DC”, one of the best dance crews in SA. It was there where Max learned a lot about fashion, art and Hip Hop Culture. Warrior knights worked with big companies like Coca Cola, Miller, Red Bull, Playhouse Company and much more.

After matric, Max decided to move to Johannesburg. “I didn’t have a plan, I just wanted to support my family and I knew very well that if I’m gonna continue with school it’s gonna delay my dreams”. Max moved to Soweto Zone 6 with the little money he got from a dancing gig, he decided to open up a store in Zone 6 Venue, one of the biggest event spaces in SA. His shop was located in the VIP section so whenever there were big events he would open the shop and big artists would walk in now and then. At first I was just selling clothes, buying them from vintage shops and selling them at my shop. I also got help from Barmanlarry t-shirt bar whenever someone wanted to print a t-shirt but, it wasn’t enough, one of my biggest inspirations was SGOD Styla gang designs which was located just opposite to my shop and were good friends of mine. I remember printing a t-shirt written BEING BLACK IS LIT and Kam said “This is powerful bro, is this your brand?, you should trademark this ASAP before they steal it”. I started making more t-shirts and more and more people started buying them. I then took it seriously and made it official. Customizing started in a different way, I had a friend who used to paint his shoes with stencil and one day I told him to style my shoes, when it was all said and done everyone was blown away by my shoes, so much so that they wanted to customize theirs and other clothing items as well. My friend started working from my shop and one day I was like “man you gotta teach me this”, because I had the love for the art but the skills were not there. I started learning from him and sometimes when there was an order I’d do it myself and it turned out okay. Unfortunately he had to move to another province.

Luckily the kickstart he gave me inspired me to better my skills more than ever before. After a long battle with rent in Soweto because business was slow, I decided to move to Johannesburg CBD. When I moved to JHB I wanted everything to be different. I started rebranding and reinforcing new strategies of how I wanna make a profit while keeping the standards of my work clean and up to date. I then started proposing to big companies and artists for collaborations and consignments. I had an opportunity to work with 5FM, YFM sportscene, POP bottles, Artists like Khuli Chana, Sjava, Unathi and many more.

Max_Customz is under” BEING BLACK IS LIT”. In 2020 we’re working on building bigger dreams. The aim is to open a Custom Shop in SA where people can create what they want to wear. We are also expanding our locations. We are currently available in Malawi, Durban and soon Cape Town.

Checkout the artistry:

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