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Afrikawethu meaning Africa is ours (inspired by a Kwame Nkrumah quote), is a podcast meant to document the African community’s ongoing notions and narratives of struggle and victory.

We converse with our friends in and out the townships and touch base into African spaces we can reach thus far. We converse on our everyday experiences or challenges as the young future generation to better our forthcoming interactions and adaptations. Afrikawethu ikithi Afrika, ”ithina bantu abasha abelethe ikusasa namhlanje”.The African community and it’s voice. 

Tourism, cycling, innovation and passing down all that we know. Founder of Book Ibhoni Mpumelelo shares his experiences and insight.

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Episode 34: The Music Edition with Amarafleur

Episode 34: The Music Edition with Amarafleur

Wake up! Amarafleur joins us on The NDL Show just as she drops her new EP titled “...And Then I Stopped Caring” today, 26 February 2021. We have a full conversation about the EP which comprises of 3 songs: “A Reminder”, “Whole” and “Show Me How”. She lets us in on the...


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