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Wolffisdead – More Blue Than Usual

The Rehab Joint 08 A rehab joint is a double entendre. It is a joint (place) for rehabilitation, and it is also a joint (substance) that defeats the purpose of any rehabilitation; in short the Rehab Joint 08 exists on both poles of the spectrum of enjoyment and suffering. He’s a wordsmith with a calling to give you some f the best stories you’ll ever read. It’s not just the words that he uses, but the art of how he masters his craft. He’s a big fan of all art, just give him a good story.

‘More Blue Than Usual’ is more than just a compilation of songs; it really does have an album feel to it. ‘It’s a group of feelings which have manifested themselves into a beautiful piece of art,’ tells Wolffisdead.

The production is blues-orientated, although it is not a blues album. We’d be correct to call it emo-trap, and there’s nothing more emotional on the album topics like that of failed relationships with women; which he puts out there for the listener to sob along to. Over what sounds like a long voice note in terms of vocals, he whines about the blues in his life and so much more.
What makes this a special album is the production value in that on some songs; the instruments take over and you’re left in a pool of your own self-reflection.

In the end, you won’t be happy with this project; it’s going to leave you sad. But you’ll love this project, for all that it does and what it attempts to do going on.

Listen to it here:

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