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Roho – “Ephemeral”

The Rehab Joint 08 A rehab joint is a double entendre. It is a joint (place) for rehabilitation, and it is also a joint (substance) that defeats the purpose of any rehabilitation; in short the Rehab Joint 08 exists on both poles of the spectrum of enjoyment and suffering. He’s a wordsmith with a calling to give you some f the best stories you’ll ever read. It’s not just the words that he uses, but the art of how he masters his craft. He’s a big fan of all art, just give him a good story.

Ephemeral means lasting a short time which is contradictory to the feats of this work. It’s an electrical-acoustic ceremony. The carry-over from Lose Yourself to Movies is effortless and creates the running idea that this is a film, more than it is cut scenes through the life of an emotional being. Roho cries out the script to his heart over dark beats which trap the listener in moments of painful nostalgia; the shortness of these moments, always summed up by the distractions of police car sirens, text notifications, and calls, which all have the effect of abruptly ending these painful moments.
The guest appearance from Huey is a welcome feature, as he spends his moment adding the most lively words to a genetically melancholic album. After this, Roho rounds it off with Two Fish and Gain V2.
It’s an ephemeral album and it’s this very shortness that gives it its power: you get enough from it before it can potentially outweigh you. It’s easy to repeat and must be repeated.


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