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Episode 27: Culture and Monetizing Art with Baba Tjeko

On this Episode we are joined by Tshepo Ranko, on our commentary, who walks us through his tense thread about girl bestfriend’s last week on Twitter. He gives us his perspectives on how and when the boundaries of friendship were surpassed, why they didn’t pursue a relationship and the dynamics of sharing everything but not putting a title on the relation. Follow Tshepo on Insta and Twitter @tshepo_ranko!

In our main segment, we speak to Baba Tjeko; an amazing Afrocentric Designer who has done amazing work for South African Culture. He walks us through how imperative his culture is to him as well as how emerging artists can branch into the space of monetizing on their work! You can follow Baba on Instagram @baba_tjeko and view his recently released catalogue.

Musical Appearances by:

Rhea Blek with the track “Clyde”. It is available on Soundcloud, catch her on Insta and Twitter @rheablek


Indigo Stella with the track “Boss Up”. Keep a look out for her yall, She’s really doing this thing and killing it. On Twitter she is @indigostella_sa and Insta @indigostella

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