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“A Double Act To Shake Up The Industry”

The Rehab Joint 08 A rehab joint is a double entendre. It is a joint (place) for rehabilitation, and it is also a joint (substance) that defeats the purpose of any rehabilitation; in short the Rehab Joint 08 exists on both poles of the spectrum of enjoyment and suffering. He’s a wordsmith with a calling to give you some f the best stories you’ll ever read. It’s not just the words that he uses, but the art of how he masters his craft. He’s a big fan of all art, just give him a good story.

2PM DJs and 2PM is not the time at which they play. Lesson learnt. These ladies from Kagiso in the West Rand, are better than the grave shift at clubs. 2PM is actually a clever play on their names: Palesa Manne and Palesa Makwe collectively deliver to us the brand of 2PM DJs.
Their name is actually a cool party game but what is ever better than that, is the music that they bring. Hip-hop is their calling card and they do it ever so well. Besides the now familiar, ‘It’ s 2PM,’ in the introduction of their songs, it’s really difficult to distinguish which Palesa is playing, all of which makes seeing these ladies live a must-see. And talking about must-see, these ladies opted to quit from the dull world of the 9 to 5 world and invest in their passion of making us shake to Afro beats, Kwaito, Hip-hop , and even a little bit of funk. Personally, listening to them regularly, they do sound like your favourite DJ during an ultimate mix which ends too soon; pure heat.
A great thing to know about these ladies is that although they enrolled at DJ Zinhle’s Fuse Academy and had to leave early, in that short time, that had done enough excellent work to survive in our industry as self-sufficient DJs. It’s the mark of a genius to quit school and thrive, and here we have it.
Soon the world got bigger and better for these ladies. Adding to their gigs in Kagiso and Soweto, Durban (famously the Durban July Pre-party) came calling. And if fate was not already on their side, they soon found themselves collaborating with the great Nhlanhla Mafu of Mafikizolo glory. Mafu heard them and loved them, as we already do. But this wasn’t the regular “I love your work” comment, but a signing to Ms Mafu’s Home Based Records. Furthermore their label – head has called them ‘driven’ and ‘hard-working’ amongst other compliments and this has translated to working with an All-Star team of South African talent ranging from Emtee to Gigi LaMayne. Under the pupilage of Ms Mafu their sound, canvassed in their upcoming EP, has shifted to Afro Beats and soon enough they will be calling Africa club in its entirety (they have already represented Kagiso in Mozambique).

In their rotation you’ll be blessed with ‘Underwater’ ft. The Big Hash, Nhlanhla Mafu captains them on “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, and ‘Do It Better’ assembles Emtee, Gigi LaMayne, Zaddy Swag and Touchline. Their fourth single, ‘Weh Mamee’ combines the duo with Zakwe, Rascoe Kaos, and Duncan under the production of the up and coming Twosly.

2021 has a lot in store for the duo and we surely cannot wait to see which barriers, boarders, and billboards they come across. The pair will be venturing into merchandise under the name “SOFT GIRLS WORLDWIDE”. The brand will be based on a deliberately cutesy, feminine look. It often features pink and yellow colors, floral and heart patterns, oversized sweaters and plaid skirts, and heavy blush makeup.

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