Control Magazine Issue 1

December 2020 – Issue #1

Written By Control Magazine

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

Control Magazine

We are a movement with the objective to control the narrative world of raw talent. We are redefining the rules that have been set in journalism. We invite you to follow the journey of the artist and get a glimpse of the person behind the art, it’s imperfections and the beauty of the creation. Not only are we changing how story telling is done but we are redefining how people perceive artists.The diversity in this world shouldn’t be contained. Miscellany should be celebrated, each colour, instrument and movement makes us who we are. This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored. We welcome you to join our community.

Raw Talent

Who defines what is “good” talent? We believe that this is not our place, so we focus our efforts on finding “raw” talent and putting it out to the world. We are also open to talent approaching us as we don’t always have our eyes and ears in every corner. We don’t believe in having guidelines for talent; we let the talent speak for itself.


Being exceptional at something does not guarantee you will be seen. We aim to put new talent on the centre stage when we feature anyone on the Magazine. We acknowledge we are not the be all and end all. We believe talent has its potential target market that doesn’t fit our personal narrative and so we are open to new voices, acts and anyone in the creative industry.


We are committed to developing the platforms we need based on recurring themes when talent approaches us. We listen and develop according to what creatives need. We are always exploring and testing behind the scenes. We look forward to expanding into the rest of Africa at a later date.

Long Term Goals

Each and every project we embark on has a long term goal for sustainability. We build and develop our platforms to help creatives develop their craft and brand. We don’t want to tie down a creative to the Control platform. We would like creatives to use Control as a launchpad for their own unique identity.
The goal is simple: we want to see more young people from the continent of Africa participate in their industry on a global scale.

Explore New Content Creators

Currently up on Control TV we have “The Unconventional Blonde Lawyer” who speaks about law within the entertainment industry. Her aim is to educate young people who aspire to be part of the industry where some may try exploit their talents. We are also currently showing the lovely Precious Laka with her show “#PRECIOUSTALKSWITHPRECIOUS” where she interviews all walks of life and where they are on their journey. Keep an eye out for the latest episodes on Control TV.


2PM DJs might share the same name and childhood experiences, but it is their passion for the hip-hop genre that promises to change the perception of women in the Hiphop deejay scene.

Palesa Manne, 30, and Palesa Maakwe, 32, both originally from Kagiso, west of Joburg, left their comfortable jobs as a tax agent and a bank motor financial consultant respectively to pursue a career playing mainly hip hop at joints around Mogale City.

Four years later, 2PM DJs have grown their business and brand as their long list of gig goes beyond the Gauteng and South Africa 

At the moment 2pmdjs has Three singles, featuring a mix of new and established artist, including young rapper THE BIG HASH on their first single UNDERWATER 

Nhlanhla Mafu of Mafikizolo on their second single BIG GIRLS DON’T

Emtee, Gigi Lamayne, Zaddy swag and Touchline on their Third single DO IT BETTER.


he ladies are due to drop their fourth single WEH MAMEE which has already started making waves in the Joburg party scene. The energetic trap record is set to get youth jamming this summer through its powerful lyrics from featured rappers Zakwe , Rascoe Kaos and Duncan 

Song is produced by a young Thabo Meshack Matsoatsoa known as Twosly 

The duo met Rascoe in February and they started to laying out the track during the lockdown phase, as they were working they felt the track needed that Isizulu Rap and decided to approach the big names in Duncan and Zakwe, who didnt hesitate to jump on the song and make it a complete banger 

“We always look for talent whether it’s online or at events. so when we heard Rascoe freestyle and sampling Weh Mamme we immediately approached him so we can collaborate and create a smash hit, we knew which direction we wanted to take with it, We wanted to introduce ourselves to masses in Kzn while continuing making huge inroads in Jozi  ”says Maakwe.

The Duo always wanted to be more than djs, they also wanted to tap into the music production space as producers. 

“We have grown a lot since we started, we have more understanding of the recording industry now, our fan base has grown, we have performed in major events here at home and outside our borders,” says Manne.

The duo has benefitted a lot from their relationship with their home girl Nhlanhla Mafu from the band Mafikizolo who took them under her wing and shared her experiences with them through her music label, Homebase Records. She would work with them on their image and overall presentation. Under her label they released their first two songs, Underwater and Big Girls Don’t Cry.

“More than just the talent itself I look for people who are dedicated, hardworking and focused. These girls have all those qualities and they are passionate and driven. Though we dont work work together anymore I am so proud that they continued to work hard, released one single and about to release their fourth single… I am proud of my girls.”

– Mafu

Maakwe said it has not always been smooth sailing to be a female DJ in a male-dominated industry.

“In most instances promoters would mostly book men because of how the industry is structured. As a woman DJ you have to go the extra mile and prove yourself before you can secure bookings, some people think we are less capable and think women get bookings because of how they look instead of how they play, things are changing though, The likes of Lerato Kganyago and Dineo Manaka, Ms Cosmo, Ayanda MVP, Dj Zinhle, Dbn Gogo, Lamiez how headline big events and have opened doors for us,promoters and organizers take us seriously now and trust us to perform in their Big events.”

– Maakwe
The pair will release their untitled debut album in 2021.