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Episode 29: The Music Edition with Sergiodeartist

On this episode eloquent artist Sergiodeartist walks us through his recently released project “Sorcery”. He takes us through the process of this musical demonstration and lets us in on his thoughts around potent issues that include finding ones purpose as well as of course, the reality of love! It is imperative to emphasise the high degree of English that Sergio employs to articulate his perspectives! This is definitely not one to miss. 

Be sure to stream this 20-track Musical Demonstration; “Sorcery” as well as his 2018 demo “Fabric” on any digital platform of your choice. Follow Sergio on the socials @sergiodeartist and peep his artistry!

Musical Appearances:

“Moving Voices” ft Lia Butler and Sonderful

“Something’s in the Water” ft Roho & DoouShii


“The Misery of Your Need to Be”

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