January 2021 Issue #2

January 2021 – Issue #2

Written By Control Magazine

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

Imitation, rather the failure there in, is a true measure of how difficult something really is. While the many can execute a simple task-like kicking a football, it’s the few that are drenched in distinction and success; Sergio Ramos, Ronaldo, Messi etc. PARTYBOYCADLY poses this argument. This month’s Control Magazine cover star, a photographer and videographer graces the magazine, not out of the ether, but because the boffins at Control have identified as a reputable photographer and videographer; one worthy of featuring on their coveted cover.

Puma and Adidas are part of his portfolio; and he’s only been doing this for roughly a year. In the space of only a few months, PBC has taken up a hobby and converted it to a juggernaut of a money-making machine, much like a sweet header from the footballer of your choice. Quite fitting, is the notion that is shots come from the mighty Canon 500D. Anyone acquainted with photography will tell you that different cameras get you different shots, and this assassin of a photography from Johannesburg fancies himself headshots. There’s something about a good portrait that reveals the skill of master photographer. They’d the shots itself, but also the third-eye gift of creativity: picking the perfect filter, the overall editing (post-production).

Going over his Instagram (@partyboycadly) you easily identify that he’s versatile in how he approaches each shoot. And location matter to him. You can resonate with his studio shots, while also vibing with his on-location shots. He identifies and credits Adobe Photoshop and Light room as the software that help him thrive under these two different disciplines of picture-taking; they help him tell visual aesthetics, pixelated stories.
Each story is different and that’s what makes PARTYBOYCADLY the cover star for Control Magazine’s second issue, he’s a different kind of photographer. He’s a photographer, videographer, storyteller, and now, a cover star for Control Magazine.