Stxne Age

Jan 25, 2021 | Fashion, Lifestyle, Magazine | 1 comment

Stxne Age

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

After cool, you have to be solid and there is nothing more solid than a stone; a rolling stone. Stxne Age™️ is a fashion brand made to bring out the inner rock star within. What really makes this work is that it rocks on so many levels; bridging street wear and high-end couture.
Born on the Jozi streets by two friends, Stxne Age™️ aspires to embedded itself in the streets of Braamfontein and ultimately rocking in the streets of Tokyo, Milan, New York and much more.
It’s a hard idea not to accept. Their clothing is visually aesthetic and functionally critical; it comes with its street cred, and all the sass of runway chique.
Standout and ready your image. Take your hardest shots in this brand and be the classiest, yet street-wise, fashionista on the block.
Stxne Age™️ recognizes the climate that we are all living in. It understands that being hard and rocking is not only a street thing, not only a runway thing, but is an everyday human experience. And to realise this experience solidifies it, Stxne Age ™️ gives you clothing that unites us as humans by dabbing and weaving through the fabrics of our human diversity. It’s a new Age for fashion, a Stxne Age™️.

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  1. Ayanda Ngwenya

    This is really inspiring, not to mention the very fresh content. It’s exciting to see young men gunning for the world. I’m interested in their wardrobe and what they have in store, where can I reach them?


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