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Episode 31: Healing from Repressed Trauma with Claire Gemmill

This episode confronts a therapy known as Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises which is used to rid our bodies of the years of repressed trauma. Living through a pandemic has created spaces through which many triggers have been sparked; job losses, losing our homes, abuse, survivor’s guilt and so much more. Wellness Practitioner Claire Gemmill walks us through her encounter with the therapy and gives us insight into how we can learn to heal from our trauma’s. You can find Claire on Facebook as well as reach out to her through her email: 

You can find out more about this therapy here: and

Joining us as a guest co-host for our Commentary we have podcasting guru Tshepo Mantje who is the founder of Daring Media. Follow him on the socials @tshepomantje as well as @daringmediaza

We discuss a number of current political issues on our commentary and truly look forward to hearing your opinions.

Musical Appearances by:

Yolophonik with the track Love Back. Follow him @yolophonik. His amazing music is available on Soundcloud, so be sure to check him out there as well.


Noko with the track “Fruity”. She released a 3-part album also titled Fruity, it is available on all digital platforms. She is @nokosost on Insta and Twitter.

Hit us up! Let us know what’s up. Wishing you a fruitful year ahead.

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