February 2021 - Issue #3

February 2021 – Issue #3

Written By Control Magazine

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In this issue we cover the talented musician known as CNOW and his recent release of “Dippy’s Tape”. Many fans wanted to know more about the tape so we asked him further questions about how he feels in creating the the project. CNOW is the recipient of the 2020 012 Award. It was driven by the release of his 3 track EP “Warmed Up” which was a mild commercial success.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

There’s quite a few things but for me, the most joy comes from the freedom music gives you. I know it sounds cheesy and overused but being able to be my true self when I’m on the mic and potentially having other people relate to my stories, lessons and/or my experience. That’s true joy. I mean yes the potential money, fame, and relevance is appealing but nothing beats the sheer passion, the pursuit of success.

Do you have any future collaborations planned?

I’ve got quite a few actually both in the musical and business realm of things. I can only mention a few, but my lips are sealed for most of the collaborations to come. I’ve got something coming up with an energy drink, I’ve got a few hot features in the midst and also have a few endorsements coming up. 2021 is gonna be a year filled with collaborative efforts. For now though I have to be the typical artist and be a little mysterious, haha.

Please take us through your creative process for Dippy’s Tape.

This project was definitely different. Usually I’d make/listen to beats and fabricate a story. But for this one I went through a really tough experience and I guess it was more of a bunch of diary entry and healing mechanism for what I was going through. For Dippy’s Tape, nothing was really planned. I’d get to the studio with no idea what I’m going to create, then select a beat and pour my little heart out. This by far has to be the most honest tape I’ve ever made.

What inspired the sounds on Dippy’s Tape?


What’s your favourite track on Dippy’s Tape?

That’s like making me pick between legs or
arms haha. I’ve got 3 favourites though, namely: Without You, Vivid and Na Fika.

What have you learnt through your creation of the tape?

Quite a bit. Firstly music truly heals. Secondly I’ve found people who were complete strangers and who I now consider family through the sheer connection of music and finally music always feels like love (it has a beautiful beginning, a polarizing climax but one way or another it will end).

Do you compose your music for a live setting or a personal listening session?

I create it with the intent of people listening on the relevant platforms. I want people to play my music in their own time and settings that they prefer. I want to allow them to create their own memories with the music and also allow them to interpret the messages in their own way. Don’t get me wrong live settings are amazing but gives one experience to many people. I’d like people to explore and experience the music in their own individual way.

P.S: I’m not saying I don’t wanna be a superstar and perform in front of thousands. I’m just saying I want people to experience the music in their own way.