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Episode 34: The Music Edition with Amarafleur

Wake up! Amarafleur joins us on The NDL Show just as she drops her new EP titled “…And Then I Stopped Caring” today, 26 February 2021.

We have a full conversation about the EP which comprises of 3 songs: “A Reminder”, “Whole” and “Show Me How”. She lets us in on the inspiration behind these songs, the constant reminders of self-worth as well as her journey to actualisating her sensual liberation through the music.

Just before this, a short film by Tseliso Monaheng, @tshelimon on Instagram, was released, showcasing snippets of the process towards what we now know as her EP.

You can check it out on YT here:

You can gladly stream “…And Then I Stopped Caring” now, on any platform of your choice!

Do show some love, and spread the word, let your people know about the heat!

Follow her @amarafleur on Insta and Twitter!

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