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Episode 35: This is Why We’re Struggling to Decolonise

We are joined by African decolonial theorist Professor Sabelo J Ndlovu-Gatsheni who has worked extensively on conceptualising decoloniality as well as decolonising the mind. The Prof walks us through the intricacies of decolonising and why it is that we are struggling to decolonise and re-member ourselves into our own society. The Prof gives insights and drops so many more gems about “learning to unlearn and relearn”. 

We are also joined by Insight Thobe on our commentary and we discuss a few issues including the body positivity movement, fake activism and Louis Vuitton. You can follow him on Insta @thobe__ and Twitter @insightthobe. You can read the article he wrote and referenced here:

Musical Appearances by:

Zoe Modiga with her track “Uthando” from her 2020 released album titled Inganekwane! Please do stream it and follow her on the socials @zoemodiga


Besa Pharaoh with his recently released track “Twenty” ft Solve The Problem and Ginger Trill. It is available on any platform of your choice. Be sure to follow him on the socials @besapharaoh.

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