March 2021 - Issue #4

March 2021 – Issue #4 (“Maaya” Edition Part 1)

Written By Control Magazine

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

This new age is all about style, art and fashion and Maaya ain’t no different.
They do it all. From Art & Collaborations, Fashion Design, Photography, Beat Making and much more. Maaya is a Japanese word meaning “True Design”. They aim to help each other grow by using the skills that they have by merging them and turning it into something great, a True Design. Themed photoshoots of different cultures are also an important aspect for Maaya, cultures such as African, Skhothane, Asian and more. They also do other themed shoots such as Street-wear, Cyberpunk, Gothic and thats all thanks to their talented Fashion Designer ‘Talent Designs’. Of course these photoshoots wouldn’t happen without a photographer: ‘fulu_photography’. The Art Direction for this whole Maaya Project is by Mad Lion.

This photoshoot was aimed to be an outdoor Japanese themed shoot. The Models are wearing Kimono’s made by Talent Designs. In terms of photography, Fulu_photography & his assistant Ofentse kutumela Photography were the ones behind the lens, while Ofentse was also behind the lighting for the scene. With the Models they decided to go for very stylistic poses so they gave Brooklyn the umbrella and put a light within it for aesthetic lighting on her. For Zanele standing on one leg was a bit difficult for her but after a few shots the photographers finally got the perfect shots. Oneh is in the Black Kimono, although a photographer herself, she also has a natural talent for modelling. Finally there was Sir Scotty in front of the lens with his strong & intense poses, some even say that he stole the show.

Now that they have broken the ice for the first shoot, more will be coming with more models, more art, collaborations, clothing, style and much more. This is only the beginning for them.

Credits to everyone who helped make this happen:
Models: Brooklyn, Zanele, Oneh Photography & Sir Scotty
Photographers: Fulu_photography & Ofentse Kutumela Photography
Fashion Designer: Talent Designs
Director: Mad Lion

You can go follow Maaya for more content on the following social media handles
Instagram: @maaya_bcg
Facebook: @Maayabcg
Twitter: @Maaya_bcg