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Aubrey Moloto – “Introducing Stephney Boose”

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

Stephney Boose is an actress and model turned singer from Virginia, Freestate. She is intensely passionate about being an entertainer and has always had a natural talent for singing. Boose has been trying her luck at an acting career ever since she graduated from high school. She managed to land some minor roles and roles as an extra in shows like “The Queen” and “Skeem Saam”. To pay the bills and fund her dream she was a waiter and also picked up odd jobs when she could. She describes this time of her life as being very tough but as a self-proclaimed go-getter she would not give up very easily. Stephney Boose is a very resilient character that was determined to achieve anything she put her mind to.

2020 came with many challenges for all. Blindsided by the rise of the pandemic – Covid19, many of us did not see it coming. Many were left jobless, homeless, and even hungry. A lot of the people in better positions donated money, food parcels and did anything they could to help the destitute. The situation was dire, not only in Mzansi but globally. With only 5 days between the president announcing a “level 5” lockdown of the country and it being in effect; meaning no one could leave home except for essential workers and the general public could only leave for grocery shopping once a week. The country came to a halt. Many of us, Stephney included were left hopeless. With bills still needing to get paid. the South African government’s relief fund is R350 per person as opposed to the USA’s $1200 per adult and $500 per child under 17. This means for a family of 4 the USA averaged about $3400 per household. That is R46815,82. So for the average South African whose job had been lost, it was the toughest of times.

Boose tried her best to hustle where she could. She used her contacts to see if she could find some work or anything that could help her income. As regulations loosened up, she emailed CVs and went physically to any running establishment to try her luck at vacancies, still, coming up with nothing. Until one day she had a revelation. After another tough day grinding it out in the cut-throat streets of Jozi Stephney was left disappointed, again. She was on the brink of giving up and having a mental breakdown. Wondering if she will ever prevail, she was down and out. Then a strange lady approached her. A sangoma, spiritual-looking lady. The lady said to her that she could feel her energy from metres away. She consoled Stephney by telling her that she had a special gift for entertaining people and that she should not be wasting her time trying to find an entry-level job. The mysterious oracle told Stephney Boose that she was destined for great things. Stephney being a go- getter and feeling the deep effects of this strange woman’s kind and wise words, began to do something crazy. Stephney Boose started believing. She believed what this strange-looking spiritual lady was prophecizing, she began to believe. She started to believe that she had a gift that could serve the people, she started to believe that she was destined for a greater purpose, most importantly she started to believe in herself. With that newfound self-belief, Stephney found her “voice”. She changed her focus from trying to survive, trying to play it safe, chasing acting auditions and she became a singer.

She searched high and low for someone or someplace where she can groom her art and pursue this calling, and finally, she met artist/producer Keabetswe “Hyperlect” Mangole. Mangole heard her voice and was instantly impressed. He decided to work with her and help her record her debut single “N*ggaz”. a heartbreak anthem aimed at uniting single people who have gone through hard times in relationships. “’N*ggaz’ was inspired by a series of heartbreaks that I experienced in a short period. It seemed like every time I tried to start a connection I either got cheated on or ignored so I decided to express how I felt in a song.” – Stephney Boose. The song was released by 475 Audio Productions who distributed it through Paradise Africa, a German record label and digital distribution company’s African counterpart, working with massive acts like Zakes Bantwini, Thakzin, Max Hoba, and many more.

Out of the uncertainty and turmoil of a pandemic-hit country, where negativity and hopelessness ran rampant, this young lady from a tiny town in the Freestate managed to find hope. She managed to find herself and her true calling. She found something that excited her and left her feeling optimistic about the future. Her debut single “N*ggaz” was released on the 28th of May and is now available in all DSPs, cellphone networks caller tunes and ringtones, and anywhere else that you may look. Her spark is turning into a flame that she together with her team is slowly nurturing and building into a bonfire. She is currently working on her first EP and the music video for “N*ggaz” is in the pipeline. The single got into Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” playlist and Stephney Boose’s belief is getting stronger each day. Her story is one of hope and bravery. It shows us that even in the darkest of times, there is always a spark of light or silver lining, we just have to train ourselves to look for the positive in every negative situation.

Stephney Boose – N*ggaz

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