July 2021 - Issue #6 (SLAM EAZZY)

July 2021 – Issue #6 (SLAM EAZZY)

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Nhlanhla Mthethwa well known as Slam Eazzy is an independent rap artist, singer and songwriter that brings a new comic heartfelt “afrotrap/afrotrap-soul“ sound to the music industry by singing his raps and delivering flows on trap/trap-soul beats in African languages. His music is mostly about the ups and downs of romantic relationships from a guy’s point of view.

Born June 1993 in Orange Farm Gauteng, Slam Eazzy grew up in a talented household as his mother and aunt used to do dance performances at public places like train stations and malls for a crowd during their teen years. Slam started realizing his talent during his childhood at an early age where he used to study and write down lyrics of songs that played on radio so he could rap/sing along word for word. He then started writing his own lyrics and made freestyles which he recorded on his mother’s phone which led to him making his own beats and then go to bedroom studios to lay down vocals. At some point during his growth, Slam crossed paths with hip hop artist Big Zulu as they used to record at the same studio in Orange Farm.

It is worth mentioning that with all the work that comes with being a musician, Slam Eazzy has been able to juggle that with his daily job as a medical aid administrator for a brokerage company. His routine has been waking up in the morning, prepare for an 8 to 5 shift during the day and then head straight to studio after that to record music. All this work paid off as he was nominated for two categories at the Ekurhuleni Trap Music Awards namely best male artist as well as best collaboration and won them both in 2019. Last year, Slam Eazzy then went on to win the song of the year award at the 011 Awards which is by far his best accomplishment amongst other things. He has shared stages with the likes of Sjava, Okmalumkoolkat , Dj ZanD, Dj Jawz, Dj Trey, Costa Titch, Big Zulu, Touchline, Big Star Johnson, and a few other well-known artists in his career.

He believes that hard work and execution is all one needs to succeed as he aims at receiving a Grammy award at some point in his career and having his music recognized and played internationally.

Q&A Session

Q: What inspired you to release your new Album The philogynist?

The story just wanted to come out and I just couldn’t keep it in any longer. It had been a while since I dropped music, I usually release songs very early in the year but this year was different… there was just a lot happening in the world and our country that I just got distracted. I also had some personal issues that sort of prohibited me from dropping a single. But when it hit me that it was time to put something out, I felt obligated to drop a body of work instead of just a single. Any of these songs would have been a dope single but together they tell and deliver a stronger message.

Q: How did the title of the album come about?

Honestly I battled with the title for a while, but then it just came to me. I was watching Two And A Half Men and the episode playing at the time was when Charley went to see his shrink and she told him that he was a misogynist. Which is a word that describes someone who hates women, he displayed this by dating a lot of women at the same time… hurting them and treating them like they were insignificant and so on. When I saw that, I immediately wanted to know what the acronym or the opposite of misogyny was. And when I read the meaning of the word Philogynist I just knew that was the title. The character I created on these songs is exactly that, that guy is a philogynist.

Q: With Go being one of the top songs on the album, what is the message behind the song and what was your intentions with the song?

I wanted to convey a message against GBV in a cool way. I see all these songs tackling the matter in a conscious manner and I just wanted to find my own way of doing it. I selected a trap beat on purpose because I knew it would grab people’s attention, and while they are having fun the melody and lyrics would linger in their minds at a later stage, they would realize how powerful the message behind the song is. The song is about a guy who’s in a toxic relationship and finally realizes he has to end it before he resorts to abuse which would put him behind bars… Before he makes horrible decisions that could change his whole life. I feel a lotta dudes get in these situations where their girl is cheating on them a lot, then instead of ending it they convince themselves that they can fix the girl with aggression. So with this song, I just wanted fellas to know that there’s another way. You can just let her go and be at peace.

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yes, I have been working on a full body project titled Reachers and Settlers which is about what your place is in a relationship. Are you the one who reaches out, or the one who had to settle? I believe that every relationship has to have one of the two in order to work out, well at least from my personal experience . It is set to drop either towards the end of this year or early 2022, so be on the look out for that.

Q: What advice do you have for young musicians?

Keep at it is all I can say. My manager (Skopas) sent me a screenshot a few days ago where Facebook was reminding him of one of his posts from 2017 which was when I got my first ever radio play on yfm. That was the day we realized if you want something bad enough, you’ll get if you put in the work. Things sort of work themselves out, all you gotta is keep working… Do your research, study these musicians and keep at it. Things will fall into place. I’m far from where I wanna be as a brand, but I’m happy with the journey so far. I’m learning, meeting all these people and amazing artists and accomplishing so much that I wouldn’t have thought I would 3 or 5 years ago. I intend to keep pushing until I get to where I wanna be. So keep pushing, don’t worry too much about what you don’t have like PR or a Label behind you or sponsors and all that just work and things will work out just fine.

Q: What is the best advice you have been given?

“Stick to your sound”. I was one of the luckiest artists I know and I say that because I’ve heard how artists talking about how hard it is finding your sound. I understood mine very early and when I did, I was told to stick to it and never it. I listened and I’m really glad I did.

Q: What superpower would you have and why?

It’s a lil creepy but I’mma say it. “Mind reader” and the reason is I struggle a bit with understanding people at times and if I could read their minds I could just like, give them what they actually want instead of wasting time trying to figure it out.

Q: If it were not for music, where would you be now?

I would have studied engineering, I actually did then dropped out. So I prolly would have been an electrical engineer.

Q: Everybody has a quote, what is your Slam Eazzy quote?

It’s okay to feel.


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