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Nadia Nakai : We Wake Up & We Move!!

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Bragga, formally known was Nadia Nakia, was amongst the many that were devastated about the shocking loss of Killer Kau and Illuminated Greens. The award winning rapper took to the socials to express her grief with captions like “So far this year is the pits. 🕊” and “🕊 💔 ”. With so much negativity seemingly circulating Nadia made sure to show that she is keeping the ball rolling through it all. Bragga posted a behind the scenes video of a little something she has been working on with Thapelo Mabotja and Jr Ecko on the gram, then shortly after posted a snap from the shoot.

“We wake up and we move”, a befitting caption as very little can keep this Queen down. With just having broken the news of her working on her own record label and an upcoming reality show Miss Nakai is booked and busy. A few weeks ago on an episode of Backyard Sessions on “SlikourOnLife”, Nadia Nakai shared more about her relationship with Vic Mense and how people kept saying ‘it will end in tears’. Factors such as dealing with long distance and dealing with the hate she has received came up but she reassures that she feels secure in the connection they have built. Miss Nakai went on to say “girls in the states saying this relationship is not real and I obviously didn’t address it with him because I’m obviously going to get stuff like that because I’m dating somebody that’s like him, but I’m just used to people always having an opinion about whoever I’m dating or who I’m associated with that I think I’ve become kind of like nonchalant about what people think”. She also shared more about the Netflix reality show she will be in ‘Young, Famous and African’ and her parting ways with ‘The Tree’. Siya Metane closed the conversation off with talking about the record label Miss Nakai is working on. Catch the full episode of Backyard Sessions on ‘SlikourOnLife’.

There is so much the artist has in store for us and this video definitely let us know that she isn’t slowing down. If her latest posts are anything like what she has coming for us then we are for sure here for it!

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