August 2021 – Issue #7 (KOVINI MOODLEY) | Part 1

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

Kovini Moodley, a feminist, philanthropist, chartered accountant and diversity advocate, is a South African women working hard to bring a positive change within society. Growing up in a nurturing community in South of Durban (Kwa-Zulu Natal), Kovini says “as a young child I’ve always felt the need to want to impact causes bigger than myself, it wasn’t just about me rising and becoming successful, but I’ve always wanted to inspire and empower the younger generation. ” 

She went on to become a CA (SA) with 10 years of corporate experience which helped her build a vast global skillsets for organisational optimisation. She says that when it comes to working in corporate “It makes you resilient, it makes you adaptable and helps you think outside the box.” She mentions that this contributed largely to her growth as an individual. The high paced, high pressure environment that she works in daily, allows her to push boundaries as a CA (SA). She goes on to say working in corporate as a woman has been an asset to her because of the knowledge and exposure she has acquired. 

“As much as you’re working for a company at the end of the day it’s about what you’re choosing to do, what you’re choosing to put off and what quality of excellence you are able to deliver in your role.”

With her qualification and having being well within her corporate career she still felt the need to do more. 

In 2020, amongst the scuffle of COVID-19, Kovini founded “Boss Babes of South Africa”This is a philanthropic skill sharing platform to celebrate, inspire and empower multifaceted women. A digital platform, run by females, that are passionate about uplifting women through content across various spaces. After going through, what many South African woman go through,  episodes of discrimination and misogyny, she decided to create a space where woman can tell their stories, inspire each other and where their voices can be heard. “I think we need to change the narrative of women wanting to compete with each other or tear each other down, we wanted to create a sisterhood.” 

Kovini also took note of how people within her social circle and her professional circles were so full of anxiety and fear for unpredictable times when Lockdown was implemented. “We are conditioned sometimes to expect someone to come in and save us” and she saw this as an opportunity to take back the power and start something to inspire.

“We bring on life coaches and psychologists, and we get them to use their voice and their minds to be able to add value to the community”.

This space has now turned into a community filled with brilliant female professionals (doctors, lawyers, pilots, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and an assortment of specialists across all kinds of industries) who are passionate about empowering and inspiring women. The philanthropist says watching the idea turn into something huge that people actually relay on has been a journey. She explains that the mission and vision of Boss Babes South Africa is to be a safe space for women and a point of motivation. Although society has started taking action on societal injustices, Miss Kovini mentions that the stereotype of ‘a woman knowing her place’ is still very much alive. She elaborates by saying “Boss Babes of South Africa focuses on multifaceted women”, “there’s a lot of judgment behind doing more than one thing”, “I would encourage the woman of South Africa to do everything that you love ” and “We are evolving beings so if you want to be a fashion blogger, a CA that holds an amazing job and the owner/founder of Boss Babes South Africa you should be able to do them all without being judged or asked ‘Oh but how do you do it?’ ”. 

In a world where gloom seems to be all that’s in the horizon Kovin Moodley has created a lighthouse that never dims. Releasing relatable, candid and motivational content that stems from her life experiences and the stories of the amazing support base the platform has.

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