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Ricky’s Team Up Sessions With JazziQ

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Remy Martin SA posted the finale episode of #TeamUpSessions with Ricky Rick. The South African artist has been a local brand ambassador for Remy Martin for a while now and the collaborative work has been amazing. #RemyProducers was the first of these collaborations, where music producers from all around South Africa were given the opportunity to compete for a co-sign with Ricky Rick. Of which Dennis Masilo [Prxfnd] came up victorious. The second collaboration, #TeamUp for excellence, was a more personal one. Ricky’s team and those who contributed to his success where involved in the campaign, because this campaign was about celebrating extraordinary individuals and the team that work behind them.

That campaign then lead to #TeamUpSessions, a 6 episode YouTube series that stars Ricky Rick and various South African musicians. The season kicked off with the now well-known interview with recently deceased, Mpura. The episode was posted 3 months ago and has a snippet that many used to pay tribute to Mpura after news of his passing. In the snippet Mpura mentions that he wouldn’t be here for a long time but he still wants people to feel that he is. He went on to say “You need to wake up and drink the coffee, stop smelling it”.

The season went on to feature artists such as Macc Gee, DBNGogo, Majour League DJ’s and the finale featured JazziQ. The final episode features the two men sharing a drink and discussing JazziQ’s ability to juggle travel and connecting with fans. Mr JazziQ explains that “it has become a habit, doing what I love”. He speaks more about his career, always wanting to work within the media industry, having a good team to back you and more.

TeamUpSessions Feat. JazziQ

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