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Meet The Front Runner of The New Wave, Sleazi

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

24 year old Sphiwo Zembe,born on the 9th of June, is a young marketing director, PR Guru and author at FreshmenMag. Commonly known as Sleazi, the young man is originally from Pretoria and has been focused on enhancing and grooming upcoming creatives and artists to be at their fullest potential.

After establishing a marketing company called ‘Arloxworld’, Sleazi was a music promoter for the New Wave community in 2020 because of his past as a Soundcloud Artist. “That pushed me into my dream of becoming a well-known Public Relations (PR) Practitioner & Author but it didn’t necessarily pay the bills even though I did it to support my love for the entertainment industry & culture” says Sleazi. He has also done brand collaborations with the likes of MyFuture 4.0, CliffCentral, Archive, Sportscene & more. With collaborations with more brands he’s admired coming soon Sleazi says “A lot of artists I’ve spoken to; upcoming & mainstream; say that I’ve influenced the culture and played a massive role in pushing the South African entertainment industry forward.”

During Lockdown last year Sleazi co-founded and collaborated with FreshmenMag on a Podcast known as Kultur Radar. He then joined FreshmenMag later as head of PR and went onto hosting Season 2 at the Sportscene Studio. The Podcast is aimed at providing the audience with insight on the lives of artists, creatives and influencers who provide astonishing work behind the scenes within the South African entertainment industry. He is now recognised as one of ‘The Hosts and Presenters of the New Wave’ cause of this.

Sleazi believes that he hasn’t done enough for the entertainment industry, especially after still finding himself in the industry as well as growing relationships with influential industry heads, but promises to do more in 2021.He believes that the music industry has got too many artists or creatives that are being told what they want to hear by society and ‘Hype Men’. “The talent is there, but there’s too many egos over-shadowing that”. Another problem that he’s noticed that upcoming artists get comfortable when they’ve had a little taste of success, they tend to have major pride and think they can do better without the help of others.

His advice to upcoming acts is to avoid excuses and being lazy. If you really want something, you need to go for it no matter the circumstances.

Though our short introduction, we can safely say that he possesses all the characteristics and traits of a future master of the industry. As of now we bask in his current success and wait to see what he’s bringing next!

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