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Episode 46: Untold Trauma’s of Body Shaming with Renee Pholoba

On this episode we are joined by Reneilwe Pholoba, my sister, who is a chartered accountant, wife and mother of three. We get into our lived experiences with body shaming which has ultimately altered our perceptions of how we look, how we love ourselves and our bodies as well as how we navigate life while trying to avoid the high probability of being body shamed. 

You can follow Renee on Insta @radiant_renee. Subscribe to her lifestyle YouTube channel for wholesome content: Reneilwe Pholoba.

Musical Appearances by:

Saul Madiope ft Stephen Richard with the track “No Pressure”. This song comes from his recently released album titled ‘Motherland Jazz’. Follow Saul on Insta @kingsaulmadiope and on Twitter @saul_truth.


Venus Raps ft Rhea Blek with the track “11 11”. This comes from Venus Raps’ recently released project titled ‘Heir’. Follow Venus Raps on the socials @venusraps.

Do stream both the projects respectively, you won’t be disappointed.

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