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Episode 48: Body Dysmorphia with Reitu Mthembu

On this episode we extend on our previous conversation about body shaming by getting into the psychology of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), with registered counsellor Reitumetse Mthembu. We get into what body dysmorphia is, its symptoms as well as the possible events or reasons that can induce it and more. 

You can follow Reitu on Insta @reitumetsewellness as well as visit her website on

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Musical Appearances by:

Gemma Fassie with the track “Best Life”. Follow Gemma on Insta @gemmafassie and on Twitter @gemmafassie_ 


Namakau Star with the track “Floating”. This song is accompanied by visuals as well! Follow Namakau Star on Insta and on Twitter @namakau_star

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