Hosted By
Nondu Lehutso
The NDL Show
Episode 50: The Takeover

Celebrating 50 Episodes of evolution on The NDL Show podcast, Ayanda Matsafu, Neo Mnisi and Anele Ntshangase co-host and commemorate the show by putting Nondu Lehutso on the opposite side of the interview table. Nondu speaks on the history, evolution, music inspirations on the show as well as the challenges in the podcasting journey and more. 

Follow the co-hosts on Instagram @yandie_bloodred, @_neomnisi and @anele_nele. You can also follow Nondu @ndl_ndumeey on Insta and Twitter.

Musical Appearances by:

Rams with the track “TAKE YOUR TIME (Live)” from his project ‘The Rams Live Experiences (Live)’. Follow Rams on the socials @rams_betterbust


Maarly with the track “Some Typa Of Way” from her recently released project ‘Oblivion’. Follow her on Instagram @maarly_sa

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