Oct/Nov 2021 – Issue #9 (ECCO THE BEAST)

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Odirile K.W. Halefose better known as Ecco The Beast was born 12 September 1993 in Attridgeville, South Africa. This talented young man first ventured into battle rapping, where he had a reputation of taking emcees out.

Today he is a solo artist, who stands out in the music industry for his swagger, sick word play, humour and finesse when putting together a verse that draws the audience to his endearing profound voice, culminating that bond with his unique style of catch phrases in between lines. Gathering influences from great musicians like Lil Wayne, Drake, Donell Jones, Craig David, the legendary 2 Pac and Biggy Smalls, just to name a few. Ecco brings an impeccable mixture of taste to the table. A touch of reality is traceable in his lyrics as he gathers most of his wisdom from his everyday life, ambition and dreams.

In 2016, Ecco made his breakthrough in the music scene with his first official solo debut single titled “I’m On My Way” , followed by his second single titled “To Much On My Mind” in 2017 , which features his best friend and business partner, Flame.

During 2017, Ecco alongside fellow friends and musical peers decided to start an independent music group named “ The Wrecking Crew ”. The crew consisted of 8 members who also have solo careers, but when together the force is greater. From there on Ecco has recorded many songs with the crew and features with artists from around the world.

Ecco’s second collaborated E.P dropped during 2018, with the project named “ LONG LOST LETTERS ” with former crew members, A-Reece & Wordz, this project is where Ecco broke out to be a bigger force than he was and that alone drove him to work on his debut solo E.P [More Of Me ] which was released on the 14 February 2019, under independent record label ,The Wrecking Crew.

A while after dropping his solo E.P, Ecco made a decision to leave The Wrecking Crew to focus on his own brand as a whole and explore new business ventures, by doing so, he and fellow associates started a company that focused on lifestyle, art & music, named “ Lean Team”.

Ecco is a household name that was earned through a viscous execution on each and every track that he jumps on. Having worked with the likes of Benchmarq , Flvme, A-Reece, Mashbeatz , DJ Slique , Mellow Don Picasso and Zooci Coke Dope, just to name a few.

“The vision is to become the power house of the youth influence in South Africa, and ultimately the world, one day” Ecco said. Ecco has set his sights on changing the mind set of the youth today, while having and making it fun at the same time.

Beauty And The Beast

Ecco the Beast packages his story into two sections—“Beauty”
and “Beast”—on his debut album. The first is a soapy affair in
which the Ecco rapper offers melodic recollections about
romantic relationships on the steamy “The See” and the graphic
breakup song “Ocean Tears”, the latter made complete with an
R&B hook by Maddy T.

Introducing the album’s second beast-mode half with “Tailer
Made Shoes / Beast Intro”, Ecco raps, “Only my b**** and my
mama gon’ get the beauty, man, you all get the beast.” He invites
his affiliates from the Cap City scene rappers FLVME and Die
Mondez for boastful hangouts on “Humble Pie” and “Lawless”.
Sonically, Beauty & the Beast maintains a laidback feel, with
touches of classic West Coast hip-hop on “Ocean Tears” and
“Struggle & Triumph”.

Teaming up with kewand once again on ” Betrayal / Beauty
Outro” & ” Beast “, definitely shows thow deadly this combo is as
they bring hard hitting bars combined with trill vocals to get you
chanting along.

Together with Season98 whom is the executive producer with
some co production on a few songs from the likes of S.X.M,
Trigga Nasty & Qin.

” A Cognac sound is what Ecco the Beast & Season98
discovered and decided to introduce it to the world with this here,
two sided, 12 track album. ”

Music : Beauty & the Beast by Ecco the Beast