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Episode 52: Public Figures and Expectations with Khensani Mohlatlole

On this episode we get into the realistic and unrealistic expectations we, as the public, often have of public figures with video essayist Khensani Mohlatlole. Khensani gives her perspective on how we have misdirected our energy of expecting activism from public figures when in fact we should expect government officials to be accountable for the state of inferiority many marginalised people live in.

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Musical Appearances by:

Muzi with the track “Let me Build” from his 2019 album ‘Zeno’. Muzi released an amazing album this year called ‘Interblaktic’. Stream it on every platform and follow Muzi @mvziou on Instagram


Zri. with the track “Water” from his recently released EP titled ‘SAGE’. It’s available everywhere. You can follow him on the socials @ZRi.

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