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The Mad Arts

This community has been launched to show the world that there is more to entertainment than we reckon. We are going to expose a whole new world that has not been explored.

This is a digital art book created by James (Mad Lion) Saikonde. It’s a book comprised of numerous artworks all of which are digitally created. Each artwork goes hand in hand with it’s own back story or art process, most of them are not connected but only a few are. The book does not have a single storyline, but has a few storylines which are canonical within their own universe or timeline. Some of them may have 2nd parts but ultimately , each artwork has it’s own story. Other artworks have a process in which I show and explain how the image was made.

Author : Big Cat Graphics

“My name is James (Mad Lion) Saikonde. I am a Graphic Designer and Pencil Artist based in South Africa, Gauteng in Soweto. I run Big Cat Graphics. The business does not only focus on Graphics, but we also do Drawings, 3D Animations, event poster designs, album/song/mixtape covers etc. We just released an art book called The Mad Arts, a digital art book which is a collective of an “unseen” variety of artworks as well as their own back story & art processes. Big Cat Graphics hopes to make more art for our customers and grow within the art realm.”

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  1. Mad Lion

    Its a great privilege to be here once again🙏🏻🔥🔥


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