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Episode 53: Age of the ‘Uncensored’ with Gao Phalaetsile

On our last episode for 2021, we explore the politics of being “uncensored and raw” creators and the subsequent effects this has on audiences when not done responsibly with journalist and feminist Gaopalelwe Phalaetsile. Gao talks us through the misconceptions of free speech and how creators (podcasters, youtubers and more) on unregulated platforms have hierachised the idea of being “real” as an excuse to be problematic, further enabling harmful perspectives.

You can follow Gao on Twitter @Gao_Phala and on Insta @mommy_feminist. Check out Gao’s YouTube Channel as well.

Musical Appearances by:

Darxkin with the track “uMuhle”, available on every streaming platform. Follow Darxkin on Insta @darxkin_official and on Twitter @darxkin_mabena. Also check out Darxkin’s YouTube Channel.


Gina Jeanz with the track “Can’t Pretend” ft Moonga K from Gina’s recently released album titled ‘Lucid Theory’. Stream it on any platform of your choice. Follow Gina on Insta @ginajeanz.

Feel free to comment as you listen, we are @thendlshow on the socials. Thank you for sticking by us until our last show for the year. Wishing you an enlightening festive and smooth transition into 2022. See you then.


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